Pinewood Derby 2017

Post date: Dec 09, 2016 6:6:4 PM

All scouts, family and friends are invited to Pack 550's Pinewood Derby 2017!

The Derby will be held Tuesday, January 31 at the same place where pack meetings are held:

Kirkland Congregational Church Fellowship Hall. This is a family event so bring the grandparents, uncles, cousins, and anyone else who might enjoy the race. The pack will provide pizza and beverages.

The pack is hosting 2 workshops where we will have tools available to turn your pinewood blocks into racing machines!! The first is Tuesday, December 13 at 5pm and the second is Saturday, January 14 at 11am, both will also be at the Fellowship Hall.

So what are the rules? Here are Pack 550 Rules. Basically you must use the pieces in the official kit: wood, wheels and axels. The car must not exceed 5 oz. Beyond that let your scout use his imagination! The Pinewood Derby is a parent-child project, please feel free to provide assistance and guidance. If you would like to build your own car we have a race for adults too!

Racer Registration:

All racers MUST register in advance. We CANNOT accept registrations the day of the event. We need to send the racer list to the track company the day BEFORE the race.

Register here:

Help Wanted:

Many hands are needed for a successful derby. Please sign up to help here:

Derby Day Schedule:

5:30pm weigh-in starts, pit stop open for last minute repairs.

6:30pm races start

8 pm (estimate) cleanup

Find more information including a blank template to start drawing ideas on Pack 550's Pinewood Derby Page. You'll find design tips, tips for speed and more.