March 17, 2020 Newsletter

Post date: Jun 06, 2020 10:1:27 PM

Happy St. Patricks Day, everyone! We hope you are having a fun, green day! Did you get outside to play in the green grass today?

We are excited to launch the (drum roll please……) Coronavirus Challenge. All Pack 550 Scouts who complete the challenge by 4/28/2020, will receive a special patch for completing it!

We have a fun list of activities for you to do. All you need to do, is complete three of them. We encourage you to do more, just for fun and to get your family out enjoying time together!

    1. Complete a special Pack 550 Geocache

    2. Do a Pack 550 Photo Scavenger Hunt with your family or adult. Choose 5 of the 8 and send your photos to your den leader.

      1. A picture of an animal (and it could be your pet)

      2. A picture that proves that spring is here

      3. A picture of you doing your favorite hobby

      4. A selfie of your whole family, all making funny faces

      5. A picture of you helping out around the house

      6. A picture of you jumping in a park.

      7. A picture of a deciduous tree

      8. A picture of an interesting rock on the ground.

    3. Finish your Cyber Chip

    4. Complete one “elective” from your rank

    5. Write or dictate a letter to a future Scout about what it felt like to be a kid right now, during the Corona Virus.

    6. View this NPR Cartoon

    7. You can choose one of the following:

      1. Camp in your backyard with your family or adult;

      2. or take photos of yourself enjoying two new parks you have never been to

      3. or take a photo of you on a hike your haven’t been on before.

Annual Planning It is time to plan our Pack 550 activities for the 2020/2021 academic year. If you are interested in participating, please email Margo before Friday, March 20th. If you have an activity you would love to see included, please email her your suggestions as well.

March Pack Meeting moved from 3/31/2020 to 4/28/2020

May Pack Meeting - New date: Tuesday, 5/12/2020, The second Tuesday of May.

Did you know the pack has a Facebook page? [/b]Like us and share our news with prospective families!

Pack 550 Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Dates!

April 28 (Tuesday) 6:30 p.m. Pack Meeting - Cross Over Meeting!

May 2 (Saturday) Pack Hike

May 12 (Tuesday) 6:30 Pack Meeting

May 22 - 25 Family Camp

June 2 Pack Meeting: Graduation

June 6 Pack Picnic - Summer Event!