February 17, 2021 Newsletter

Post date: Apr 03, 2021 3:37:13 AM

Pack Leadership - We have great news! Kara P. will be stepping into the Committee Chair role for 2021/2022 and Jani B. will be our new Pack Treasurer. Kara has been very involved in all aspects of the pack and pack leadership over the past two years, and Jani has been very involved in the pack. She has been a Den Leader with Stephanie H. for the Webelos. They both have a wealth of experience to offer. We are so excited to have the two of them! Margo will be reaching out to each family in the coming weeks, to see what event or outing, your family can lead in the upcoming year. If everyone does a little, it will lighten the load for all! Thank you for your help!

Time to sign up for Summer Camp at the beautiful Camp Edward - We are attending Session 5 from 8/5/21 to 8/8/21 at the beautiful, newly done, Cub Scout Camp, Camp Edwards. This is the perfect place for Mom or Dad to take your Cub Cub Scout for three days of fun! You will stay in a group site with other families from our pack. There are cabins and options for tenting. Meals will be cooked for you, but you will have the fun of making s’mores at the campfire! You will also enjoy a night at the Camp’s campfire where you will experience skits and songs with the whole camp! There are showers and nice washrooms to use with flush toilets and running water. This is the perfect way to start camping with your Cub and to enjoy time with members from your den and pack! Those of us who have been to camp love to go each year to build amazing memories with our kids! Register as soon as you can. Make sure you select “Session 5”. Cost is $300 for a Scout and $197 for an adult. There is a $20 non-refundable deposit. You can sign up if your child is going into first grade, through fifth grade. https://seattlebsa.doubleknot.com/OpenRosters/ViewActivitySpaceAvailable.aspx?classificationid=63998&orgkey=3929

Help us reach our goal for Friends of Scouting - We need the help of every family!

To help ensure the success of the Scouting program, we are asking every family in our pack to consider an investment in character, by making a voluntary gift to our annual Friends of Scouting campaign. Every dime raised by Friends of Scouting is spent locally supporting our Scouts and making Scouting possible for families like ours, and others less fortunate.

This fundraising campaign helps to provide:

    • Every youth the opportunity to be a Scout, no matter their economic circumstances

    • First-class camping programs

    • Support and training for volunteer leaders

    • Recruitment materials for every unit

    • Online resources

    • Professional staff that serves every community

Thank you sincerely for your contribution to Scouting! And if your employer provides matching funds, we encourage you to double your donation. Donate here:

Monthly contribution: https://seattlebsa.networkforgood.com/projects/122218

One time donation: https://seattlebsa.networkforgood.com/projects/122219

STEM Night - Earn a NOVA Award Friday, 3/12/2021 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. - Sign up for NOVA Award Class[/b] Your Scout can take a free science class for an evening to earn a NOVA award. The theme for March is “Cub Scouts Can Code”. They are for 2nd grade through 5th grade Scouts. Sign up for the class here: https://sites.google.com/scoutsnova.org/novawebpage/cub-scouts

Time for “Flat Scouty” Challenge!

From 2/10/21 to 5/15/21, we'll be running a Flat Stanley - that is, “Flat Scouty project” with the pack.

Flat Stanley is a book about a boy who gets squished flat when a bulletin board falls on him. You can hear a read aloud of the original Flat Stanley story here: https://youtu.be/OkO_qyas7a0.

We're going to use Flat Scouty as a way for the kids to share their scouting adventures with one another while social distancing. Here's how it works:

Create your own Flat Scouty, use the template in the email sent out on 2/10/21. Take your Scouty along with you on scouting activities, and don't forget to take pictures! Post your Scouty photos to the Pack 550 Facebook page or email them to Den Leader Maggie. Each child that submits a photo by May 15 will earn a special Flat Stanley patch!

There's all kinds of things you can do with your Scouty! Take it on a hike. Take it to the beach. Take it on a community service project. Have it nearby while you complete requirements. Have your child write a letter to a relative and mail it - ask them to take a photo in their town and mail it back! Please submit all photos by May 15 to earn a special patch.

Pinewood Derby Race - We can’t wait to see you on 2/20/21 at 1:00 p.m. to see your car race. Bring your Pirate Booty found in your Pinewood Derby bag and enjoy the race.

Make a card for a First Responder - Virtual Meeting 3/9 6:30 - Join us on a virtual call. Bring your pens and paper and we’ll make a card for a first responder while we chat and enjoy one another’s company. Parents please have pens and paper or a card ready for your Scout to make. You can drop them off on Margo’s porch or Kara’s porch after and we will deliver them.

Search for Gold - St. Patricks Day Walk (March 14 to 18) We will hide gold rocks for you to find at the park. We will ask you to leave them in the park for your fellow Scouts to find. Families can do this on your own at whatever time works for you. You will see how many you can locate! We will send more details, with location, as it gets closer!

Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark - We will be hiding lit up Easter Eggs for you to find at a local park on the evening of April 3rd. We will send out a Sign up Genius for this and you can sign up for a specific time so we can have social distancing. We would ask that everyone wears a mask, stays with their family, and maintains social distance from others since you will see other pack members.

April - Virtual Pack Meeting - April 13th 6:30 p.m.- We will celebrate Earth Day by making robots from recycled materials. We will meet on-line and 6:30 and you can work on your own creation. Save odds and ends from now until then so you can have fun creating. Make sure you have some glue or a glue gun on hand so you can paste fun things together. You might like some googly eyes or you may like to create them!

Trash Pick up for Earth Day - Between April 17th and April 25th, go for a walk through any park, school or Public area, and pick up trash to make our public spaces beautiful. Make sure you wear gloves and avoid picking up anything that is sharp. Wear a mask if you are around a lot of people.

May - Virtual Pack Meeting- May 11th 6:30 p.m. - Get ready, we are having our first ever Dinner Scavenger Hunt! We will be sending you a list of things to search for in your cupboards and your Scout will work with you to prepare a fun dinner with what they find in the pantry! We will meet on-line at 6:30 to share our creations! We can’t wait to hear about your fun cooking adventure!!! The list will come out in May.

June - Graduation - June 8th 6:30 p.m.- Come join us for your drive-thru graduation. Decorate your car, toot your horn, come celebrate the end of our Scouting year, and get your “rank patch” and other awards! More information to follow.

Upcoming Dates!

February - Sign up for summer camp!

February - Donate to “Friends of Scouting”

February 10 to May 15 - “Flat Scouty Challenge”

February 20, 2021 1:30 - Pinewood Derby Race! Watch your car race on-line!

March 9 (Tuesday) 6:30 p.m. - Virtual Pack Gathering - Make a card for a first responder

March 12 (Friday) - NOVA Award - sign up ahead

March 13 to March 18 - (Saturday - Thursday) - “Search for Gold” St. Patrick’s Day Walk”

April 2 and April 3 - “Night Time Easter Egg Hunt” - Spinney Park in Highlands (more info coming)

April 13 (Tuesday 6:30 p.m.) - Virtual Pack Meeting - Make Recycled Robots for Earth Day!

April 17-April 25 - Pick up trash at a park or school in honor of Earth Day

May 11 (Tuesday) Pack “Dinner Scavenger Hunt”

June 8 (Tuesday) Graduation