December 2, 2020 Newsletter

Post date: Jan 01, 2021 8:0:11 PM

December 2, 2020 Newsletter

Geocache - Mark R. set up a Geocache for your Scouts. All information needed for it is in an email sent on: 11/19. It is titled: “Pack 550 Jobox Geocache” This is a one mile walk which you may be able to use for one of your hikes for a den requirement! Please email Margo ( after you complete it so she can put your name on the list for completing it, for a patch. Please submit names before 1/3/2021.

Virtual Cyber Sled Race - You can sign up for this virtual race that will take place on 12/5. Cost is $25. Register on the site. This is through the National BSA organization.

STEM Night - Earn a NOVA Award Friday, 12/11/2020 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.[/b] - Sign up for NOVA Award Class[/b] Your Scout can take a free science class for an evening to earn a NOVA award. They are for 2nd grade through 5th grade Scouts. Sign up for the class here:

For homework you need to read and/or watch 1 hour total of anything related to Earth, the weather, geology, volcanoes, or oceanography. There are many Netflix documentaries recently for this as well as some episodes of The Magic School Bus. There are shows found on PBS (“NOVA”), Discovery Channel, Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, TED Talks (online videos), and the History Channel. Once you watch those, please send 2 questions or comments in an email titled " Down and Dirty Homework ". It is important that the email is titled this way so Ash doesn’t lose your homework in a pile of scout emails. The questions or comments should be sent to: . If your Scout sends me an email, please remember per Youth Protection Rules that a parent needs to be CCd on any emails sent to an adult. Ash will send out a list of supplies needed, a week before the meeting, to a parent’s email address.

Service Project - If our Scout enjoys creating art, there are lonely seniors in CA that would love a card. They will receive your Scout’s card when meals are delivered to them. This is a great way to help make someone’s holiday season a bit happier. Margo can provide you with details. Here is the website of the organization: . If you have a Scout who enjoys sewing, this organization is in need of masks since they deliver meals to seniors. In recent months they have delivered over 700,000 meals. Here are instructions for making masks. Please email Margo if you send cards or make masks.

Thank you Scouts for writing a letter to a Veteran - This year for Veteran’s Day scouts sent letters to a Veteran. If your Scout sent a letter and you haven’t notified us, please email Margo so we can track this wonderful service.

Thank you Stacy C.! - Thank you for talking to our pack about how to become a Veterinarian at our December Pack Meeting! Parents, if you weren’t near the screen, and are curious, ask your Scout about how to “slow blink” with your kitty to help it become more calm, and about brushing your puppies teeth. We also had a fun pet show. Thank you Scouts for sharing your adorable fur babies with all of us!

Thank you Stephanie H.! - Scouts made cards and pictures to give to the residents of Merrill Gardens in Kirkland to help brighten their holiday. Thank you Stephanie for making a beautiful card with all of the artwork! Thank you to all the Scouts who participated. Your artwork is great and the residents will love it!

Kits - Your kits for January and February will be ready shortly.[/b] Margo will send out an email when they are ready, with a pick up location for you. January activity (knots), Pinewood Derby Kit and Blue and Gold Kit. If you turned in your neckerchief and slide, there will be a new one for this year in your bag.

Pinewood Derby Workshops - We will send out information toward the end of December with dates to sign up to have your Pinewood derby cut out during the month of January. Kara P. and Mark R. have offered to cut out one car for each of our Scouts who would like help. We will have porch drop offs.

Upcoming Dates!

December 5, 2020 (Saturday) Virtual Cyber Sled Race

December 11, 2020 (Friday) 6:00 to 7:00 NOVA (Sign up several days before)

Anytime before 1/3/2021 - Geocache

January Pack Activity - Knot tying kit

February 6, 2021, Sign up - Pinewood Derby Check in (turn in your car) - Mark your calendars!

February 9, 2021 6:30 Blue and Gold Party - Virtual

February 20, 2021 1:30 - Pinewood Derby Race! Watch your car race on-line!