August 2019 News

Post date: Aug 16, 2019 1:19:44 AM

It is time to think about what you want to do this Fall. We have many exciting opportunities for you to participate in that are highlighted here. We will need you to sign up for them before September so we can book them. Payments will be due by the end of the 9/10/19 meeting. They are Snooze Under the Sharks, Cub Day, Parent and Pal Camp and a Sounders Game! Information is below.

Our first pack meeting of the year is Tuesday, 9/10/19 and we are having the Raingutter Regatta! We are in need of 15 parent helpers to assist with this meeting. We have many easy jobs that will only take 10-15 minutes of your time. See the sign up in your email.

Zoo Sleep In - We are excited to offer you an opportunity to sleep with the sharks in the South Pacific Aquarium and discover the watery world of ocean creatures in an exciting Sea Snooze! We will meet at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, for this wonderful adventure and we will be sleeping inside the aquarium. This event starts on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. and it ends on Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. We have booked two dates for this sleep in, due to popularity. They are: October 25th to October 26th and November 1st to 2nd. We have 40 slots for each sleep in. The cost will range between $44 and $55 depending on the number of spots we fill. We will sign up members and their parent first. We will have a wait list for siblings. Anyone age 5 and older can attend. Once we have a list of attendees and know how many people plan to attend, we will be able to determine price. Everyone will need to pay by the end of the 9/10/19 Pack meeting to hold their spot. If these events don’t fill, we will take siblings from the waitlist, after one week of the sign up being available to members. If the list is full after 9/10, we will open the wait list. The sign up genius, will go out one evening next week from Scoutbook.

Parent and Pal Camp overnight from Saturday September 14th to Sunday September 15th at Camp Edwards! Get ready to share some fun parent and child time at Parent/Pal Camp! Located at Camp Edward, north of Monroe at the foot of the Cascade Mts., this weekend camp offers archery, BB gun shooting, crafts, games, nature activities and more to cubs from Tigers to Webelos to experience with their Mom, Dad or other adult guardian. There’s lots to see and do! Parents and Scouts can stay in campsites with cabins, or you can bring your own tent. Includes meals.

Sign up to ensure a spot in mid August on the Sign Up Genius that will be coming out. Let’s go as a group! Cost is $62 for each person; $124 for parent and child by check. If paying by Paypal, the cost is $128.01 for parent and child. If you attend this camp instead of Cub Day, we will reduce your fee by $32. By check it will be $92 total, and by Paypal, it will be $95.06 total. Sign up has been sent out in email.

Cub Day. Pack 550 will be going to Cub Day on Saturday September 21st and Sunday October 27th: Hallowe’en Edition- Camp Edwards. This is a one day camp event. Spend the day playing games and doing crafts; try out the archery and BB gun ranges. BB gun ranges are for kids ages 7-10. The pack will pay $32 for every Scout in the pack to attend. Your only expense for Cub Day is $6 by check (or $6.49 by Paypal) for the adult to cover lunch. This is the perfect way to experience camp. Siblings age 6 to 10 can attend for $32 and participate in activities, siblings under 6 who want to buy lunch, pay $6 by check, ($6.49 via Paypal) and siblings younger than 6 who do not want to buy lunch, are free. Six-year-olds can participate in everything, but shooting activities. If you plan to pay by Paypal and bring more than a Cub Scout and adult, e-mail Margo for Paypal price. If you plan to attend on 9/21, you will need to pay with check or Paypal by the end of the 9/10/19 pack meeting. If you would like to mail your check, e-mail Margo for mailing address. Sign up has been sent out in email.

Seattle Sounders Scout Day 10/6/19 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. - Location: Century Link Field [/b] Come watch our professional soccer team play an exciting game of soccer. Sit next to other Scouts as you cheer our team on! Cost $22.66 per ticket by check. Pay by the 9/10/19 meeting so we can ensure we can get your tickets for you. We will order tickets the week of 9/10/19. Sign ups have gone out in email.