About Pack 550

Pack 550 welcomes boys and girls in kindergarten through fifth grades, or 6 to 10 years of age. We primarly serve Lakeview Elementary, Peter Kirk Elementary and downtown Kirkland however there are no geographical restrictions and welcome youth from all over the Eastside. 

Pack 550 does not promote, teach, or discuss any political or religious positions. Instead, we focus on general values of acceptance, compassion, and responsibility - all in a fun environment.

Children entering kindergarten will be in the Lion Den, which is parent-led. First graders are members of a Tiger Den,  which is  set up as a partnership with an adult partner. Second graders are part of a Wolf Den, and 3rd graders will be in the Bear Den. Wolves and Bears work closely with their family while learning more independence. Webelos (“We’ll Be Loyal Scouts”) is a more advanced program for Cub Scouts in the 4th grade. Fifth grade boys earn the Arrow of Light rank, the highest accomplishment in Cub Scouting.

The Kiwanis Club of Kirkland chartered Pack 550 in April of 1997.  We thank them for their continued support over the years. 

Past Cubmasters
Dennis Geels
Joe Sutton
Randy Gerth
Jim Ross

Past Committee Chairs
Sarah Rock
Leanne Vanderschoot
Nena Chiang  

Pack 550 Spark Plug Recipients
2017 - Margo Wei
2015 - Leanne Van der Schoot
2014 - Dennis Geels
2013 - Denise Campbell
2012 - Madeleine Kelly Schultice
2011 - Roger Thompson
2010 - Nena Chaing
2008 - Steve Roller
2005 - Andrea Gerth
2003 - Brian Tucker
2002 - Brian Tucker
2001 - Brian Tucker
2000 - Jon Sefton